The cradle of terry weaving – Germany’s very first terry loom was commissioned in Grossschönau / Saxony – the family-owned company’s möve current production site.

The birth of möve – the brand möve first sees the light of day in Reutlingen/ Baden-Württemberg.

The Olympics are calling – 1952 and 1968 möve supplies robes to the German Olympics team for the swimmers, sailors, pentathletes, fencers and rowers.

Quality made in Germany – as far back as 1970, möve is the brand with the highest level of awareness in the terry goods sector.

West meets east – in the mid 1990’s, manufacture of möve products relocates to idyllic Grossschönau in Saxony.

möve goes lifestyle – From 2000, the specialist terry goods brand develops into an international lifestyle supplier for bathroom and bedroom products, with stores in over 40 countries worldwide.

Our pet project: Nature – since 2008, möve has invested around 20 million Euro in its production site in Germany, i.e. in new technologies for sustainability and environmental protection.

Made in Germany – today, over 240 employees contribute to the work at the Grossschönau production site, ensuring that möve is synonymous with “Zeitgeist and syle – through quality, innovation and heritage”.